What we Offer.

  • Permit Design Drawings with AutoCad.
  • Complete Detail Drawings with Material List.
  • Free Consultation.
Designer has BCIN Stamp and Civil Engineering Background and is Certified:

Ontario-Canada Only


name: Martin Ong [BCIN # 31532]
cell: 647-465-5865
fax: 905-819-8500
e-mail: martinbcin@gmail.com


What happens if you contravene the Building Code Act, 1992?

An individual who is charged and found guilty of an offence under the Building Code Act, 1992, such as building without a permit, can be fined up to $50,000 for a first offence and up to $100,000 for subsequent offences. For a corporation, a first offence could result in a maximum fine of $100,000 and $200,000 for subsequent infractions. Failure to comply with an order from the municipal building department is also an offence under the Building Code Act, 1992.


A Bulding Permit is required to:

  • Construct/demolish a house or addition to an existing house.
  • Construct/demolish an attached or a detached garage.
  • Construct a deck - greater than 10m² (107.64 ft²) in area and all decks attached to the house which are greater than 600mm (2ft) above adjacent grade.
  • Construct a porch or a balcony.
  • Construct a basement walkout.
  • Construct/demolish a detached accessory structure greater than 10m²(107.64 ft²).
  • Construct a heated or unheated sunroom.
  • Erect tents greater than 60m² or all tents erected within 3.0m of a building.
  • Construct roofing with structural work (i.e.- adding new dormers, skylights).
  • Create new openings for, or increase the size of, doors and windows
  • Excavate a basement to increase existing headroom/underpinning foundation walls.
  • Install, change, remove or repair load-bearing walls and other structural components.
  • Install or modify HVAC systems.
  • Replace a furnace that is changing fuel type, efficiency or capacity.
  • Install a gas fireplace as a heating appliance.
  • Fire damage repair (structural & mechanical).